Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Preparing a Glossary for GRE General Test

Do you know that words are building blocks for oral assignment in GRE General Test? Yes, it is so and for every student it is important to make a word list to come up to any query within the GRE general test. If you want to score high in GRE test to get admission in one of the top universities in India, then you must aware of that GRE homework is a time bound chore and reading countless pages of English literature to reinforce your GRE glossary is alarming and unfeasible, if you are merely months away from taking the test. Here Mnemonic – a GRE training institute and global education consultancy in Delhi gives you a few key tips to handle the glossary in a time bound approach.

Decide On Your GRE Glossary Material. An excellent GRE glossary is supposed to include 3 to 6 thousand words. Before you begin to read from the stuff you have selected, make sure that it is authentic and you can do this by studying its reviews online or interviewing GRE test takers, who got the top scores in the last test. Bear in mind that the more words you learn, the prospect of your exam achievement will augment.

Decide A Reading Field. Reading or going through the glossary is the most suitable method to begin with. In this way, you can regulate your speed consistent with your grasping power. No doubt, it is least time taking and most effectual. If you favor reading from hard copy, then it is better to make point outs, ensuring that your stuff has enough edge around every word, you may wish to formulate note on numerous words.  

Begin To Read Alphabetically. Alphabetical alignment is one amid various techniques to alignment the words. For sure, it is an excellent method to begin with, as it gives you an apparent distinction to diverse but similar sounding words. At the outset, you may find the list hard and lengthy, but it gets better with further revision and you will get improved at it.

Last but not the least, there is no short cut to revision. The fact is that the glossary works on a simple rule that is “Out of sight, out of mind". If you are taking GRE exam coaching in Delhi or elsewhere you live, with the time you will learn to reduce the percentage of elapsed words as much as feasible, however it is extremely less apparent that anybody will remember the entire glossary devoid of missing a single word.


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